Pars Sair

Intenational Transport & Shipping Agency

         Pars sair co. is a leading forwarder & shipping agency established in 1985 in Tehran   with ten branches in the major cities and representatives in all other Iranian ports and borders. We focus on constant communication, fast transit time and ability to provide cost-effective solutions. 

By providing logistics services across a wide range of industrial and commercial sectors, Pars sair has built a solid reputation for creating value for customers. 


Pars sair  is also an active member of: 
·    International Transport Companies Association of Iran (ITA)
·    Shipping Association of Iran (SAOI) 
·    Iran Chamber of Commerce Industries and Mines (ICCIM) 
·    Iran - Russia Joint Chamber of Commerce 
·    Iran - China Chamber of Commerce & Industries (ICCI)
·    Iranian Society of Transportation Engineers 
·    Iranian association of Rail Transport Engineering

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Our Offices

Iran -Tehran

TEL: +98 21 22380697

Iran -Bandar Abbas

TEL:+98 763 2210703

China  -Zhejiang

TEL:+86 57985073822

Iran -Bane

TEL: +98 87 34217824

Iran -Mariwan

TEL: +98 87 34662461

UAE -Dubai

TEL: +971 42267667